We are incredibly pleased and excited to announce the presentation lineup for this year’s conference! Please click through for abstracts.

“American Moon: Picturing Imperialism in Outer Space in the Nineteenth Century”
Noelle Belanger (PhD Candidate, University of Illinois)

“’Bypassing the Web:’ Shell Users and Alternative Experiences of the Internet”
Joshua A. Braun (Assistant Professor of Interactive Media, Quinnipiac University)

“‘The Singularity is Near,’ Or Is It? Techno-Gnosticism and the Politics of Eschatology”
Daniel Browne (PhD Candidate, York and Ryerson Universities)

“Colonizing Curriculum: The Aesthetic of Innovation in Higher Education”
Basak Durgun (PhD Candidate, George Mason University) and Keil Eggers (BA Student, George Mason University)

“Modernism in Miniature: Modern Vernacular Architecture (1915 – 1937) and Kitchen Technologies (1928 – 1937) of Schoenhut Dollhouses”
Frederika Eilers (PhD Candidate, McGill University)

“Anachronism and Environment: Towards a Concept of the Baroque in Post- Minimal Art”
Hugh Govan (PhD Candidate, University of Essex)

“CNN iReport and the Problems with the Rhetoric of Innovation for Citizen Journalism”
Marina Merlo (PhD Candidate, Université de Montréal)

“Innovating Modernism in Provincial Toronto: The Painters Eleven and Abstraction in the 1950s”
Jessica Poon (PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia)

“From the Barbershop to the Front Page: Canada’s Black Beauty Innovators and the Community Newspapers that Made Them”
Cheryl Thompson (PhD Candidate, McGill University)

“Medievalism as Progress? The Case of 19th Century Cairo”
Eva-Maria Troelenberg (Research Group Leader, Max Planck Institute)

“Open Source City Project (Jakarta Pilot Study): Innovations for Urban Resilience from a GeoSocial Intelligence Perspective”
Etienne Turpin (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wollongong)

“Dropping the I-Word: Business Historians and the History of a Concept”
Lee Vinsel (Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology)